Posted on 09-04-2010
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European Islamophobia masquerading as womens lib has made its way to Canada.  With the blessings of Canada’s prime minister Quebec is all set to prohibit Muslim women wearing face veils from public sector jobs or access to public services.  See link.  I tend to agree with the author.  This is an embrace of feminist thought that allows women to make choices so long as the self proclaimed guardians of women’s liberty approve of it.

As I noted a couple of months ago in this blog and as the author in the article above notes, this is conceptually not different from the Saudis and the Taliban forcing the veil. Obviously the right to veil yourself should not be absolute.  There are certain situations like security checkpoints where it is essential to have an unveiled face.  Also this should be a free choice and not a coerced one.

Canada has not yet got to the ridiculous French notion of banning head scarves in schools, but it will be a matter of time before someone raises it.

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