Posted on 28-10-2010
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It was inevitable that the Democrats would use the Curbstomper to club Rand Paul. Rand Paul did condemn the stomper, though he tried to blame activists on both sides for the problem.  Of course Paul was not personally responsible for this attack, and that will cause some Democrats to have the vapors and probably cause Fox News to howl in outrage.  Aware of the risk of a backlash, the ad will run only after 10 p.m.

The tea party movement has tapped into a violent undercurrent out there.  Sharron Angle once notoriously called for Second Amendment remedies if Harry Reid won (lately she seems to focus on spurious voter fraud claims) and on October 15 there was another attack on someone for having the temerity to protest Dino Rossi.

This is a brutal ad that seems targeted at independents scared off by the tea party.  With Rand Paul surging in the polls it is a Hail Mary pass.   We will know next week if this make the race closer or generates a backlash.  Video below:

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JKR on 28 October, 2010 at 8:30 pm #

Are you unaware that there WAS violence on both sides? that a female Rand Paul supporter filed assault charges because a Conway supporter stomped on her surgical boot, cutting open the incision and causing her to need medical care? Or did you even check? KY Post and National Review covered it, but not many. And then, Rand himself was a victim of the woman shoving a hard sign into his face THROUGH the window of his car while it was still moving — before the crowd grabbed her. Want to see video?

Rashtrakut on 28 October, 2010 at 8:52 pm #

I have seen that chaotic video. All that video shows is that the protester was *gasp* protesting. It is not clear in that video that she was a threat to Paul and
absolutely nothing in that clip justifies stomping her after she is already restrained. And the stomping tool is claiming that he had to do it because of his bad back.

Yes, I have heard of the Conway supporter who allegedly stepped on the Paul supporter. She refused medical treatment from the police and no arrests have been made from her assault complaint.

Until then we have absolutely no idea what happened in that case and whether it was deliberate or accidental. There is also no video about that incident.

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