Posted on 28-10-2010
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Barack Obama appeared on Jon Stewart yesterday.  While he faced a supportive audience and a non-hostile host, he still had to defend his administration on some pointed questions ranging from his alleged timidity, the failure to meet overblown expectations and to change the tone of Washington.  Obama was serious but held his own.  While he disputed some of the assertions above he acknowledged his failures on other fronts.  Full video is here.

On the same day he also sat down with a bunch of progressive bloggers (full transcript here) and faced far more pointed questions – notably on the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.

I wonder how far Obama’s willingness to compromise will hold up in the face of a Republican leadership (already measuring the drapes) that has indicated that it will not compromise.  The level of brinkmanship likely from the Republicans in the next Congress will make Gingrich’s tantrums in 1995 look like child’s play.  I hope Obama’s self proclaimed stubbornness manifests itself in defending his policies.

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