Posted on 20-12-2010
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I am not a fan of Joe Lieberman. I had hoped for him to get his just deserts after the 2008 election.  Even though the Democrats at Barack Obama’s urging chose to forgive and forget, he responded by being a giant pain in the ass during the health care reform debate.  But to give credit where it is due, he was a driving force in helping Barack Obama achieve yet another campaign promise this past week – the legislative repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  While my ultimate desire to see his departure from the Senate in 2012 has not diminished, I will have some charitable thoughts for Joe Lieberman this holiday season.

Lieberman’s usefulness the past couple of weeks also vindicates Barack Obama’s magnanimity towards his former foes, which at times has caused some heartburn among his supporters.  The conversion of Hillary Clinton from bitter rival to valuable ally and cabinet member is another example of this.  Unfortunately, the attempts at détente do not appear to have worked on John McCain who seems determined to cement his reputation as a bitter loser.  McCain’s full flop during the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell debate drew widespread derision from the left and some fine Jon Stewart treatment (which includes a hat tip to Lieberman).  Video below:

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