Posted on 29-03-2012
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Pakistan was humiliated last year when the most wanted man in the world was discovered comfortably ensconced in Abbottabad, barely 50 miles from Pakistan’s capital.  Pakistan faced difficult questions.  How long was Bin Laden in Abbotabad?  How could he live there for so long without Pakistan’s security services knowing about it?  To what extent did the Pakistani state and its notorious secret service, the ISI, sponsor Bin Laden’s stay?  How far up the chain did the knowledge of Bin Laden’s whereabouts go?

Most states would try to discover the answers to these questions.  But this is Pakistan we are talking about.  After 20 years of two faced tactics in condemning terrorist activity directed at the west while sponsoring it against India but still hosting/turning a blind eye to the training grounds for both, it was too much to hope that Pakistan would look deep into its soul and provide answers to the questions above.  So far no answers to the Bin Laden mystery have been provided.  The Quetta Shura of the Taliban still resides unmolested in that country, probably with the ISI’s blessings.  Pakistan still makes at best half hearted moves against the Taliban and Al-Queda remnants in the North West Frontier Province.  American drone attacks that have become essential to make up for Pakistan’s failure to act are greeted with howls of outrage.  And with Pakistan perfectly capable of shutting off the land supply lines of American troops in Afghanistan and with the ever present fears of a military coup, it has not been pressed too hard on the Bin Laden story.

What Pakistan has done is go after scapegoats.  I have yet to hear of any arrest of a Pakistani official for enabling Bin Laden’s stay.  However they have pursued Dr. Shakeel Afridi for the “crime” of helping the United States track down Osama Bin Laden.  A panel investigating the Bin Laden raid recommended Dr. Afridi be put on trial for treason.  Today Dr. Afridi was sacked from his position as a governmental surgeon on disciplinary grounds.  Other health workers who assisted Dr. Afridi in discovering Bin Laden’s location have also been sacked.

With “allies” like Pakistan, who needs enemies.

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