Posted on 12-09-2012
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Today was a brutal day for Mitt Romney.  His irresponsible and incoherent political cheap shot while the American embassy was under attack blew up in his face today.  Even as Romney doubled down in his mendacious irresponsibility in a smirk filled press conference, most Republicans did not follow his position.  When America is under attack there is one President, and John Boehner, John McCain, Lyndsey Graham etc. followed that basic principle.  The Republicans supporting Romney tended to be of the caliber of the quitter turned reality show star, the bloviating windbag and Torquemada.

This evening President Obama observed Romney’s tendency to shoot first and aim later.  Video below:



This is not the first time Romney has made a fool out of himself by this tendency.  This summer Romney took to the airwaves to accuse the Obama administration of abandoning Chinese defector Chen Guangcheng, while negotiations with the Chinese were still ongoing.  After Chen was allowed to depart for the United States even Bill Kristol called the attacks foolish.

Tsar Vladimir stuck the knife into Romney today by using Romney’s nutty classification of Russia as our primary geopolitical foe.  He noted that the danger of someone like Romney assuming the presidency made him firm up his opposition to a missile defense system based in Europe purportedly aimed at Iran.

The problem is that Romney has not given foreign policy much deep thought.  His foreign policy team is largely composed of the geniuses who gave us the foreign policy debacles of the Bush years.  His conduct in the last 24 hours raises serious questions about his temperament and fitness for the Presidency.

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