Posted on 12-09-2012
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Every time Mitt Romney opens his mouth on foreign policy he makes me very nervous.  He typically makes me very angry too because some muscle in his tongue makes him spew a diet of misleading statements or outright lies.  A film produced in California mocking the Prophet Muhammad triggered attacks on American diplomatic establishments in Egypt and Libya.  An American diplomat in Benghazi was killed.  This is the latest incident where an insult (or in some cases an alleged insult) to the Prophet Muhammad or the Quran draws out anti-American mobs into the streets across the far reaches of the middle east.  America’s freedom of speech gives bigots the ability to goad Muslims and without fail the bait is taken.  Even though this was not an act by an American governmental actor, it is American institutions abroad that take the heat.

One cannot reason with irrational fanatics and the smart thing to do is to distance yourself from the triggering cause and do your job of protecting American interests.  So before the embassy attacks, the American embassy criticized the attempt to incite Muslims.  Yet the riots happened anyway, triggering condemnation from the administration.

But a flailing Romney campaign has a narrative to sell.  Even though it has been widely debunked, Mitt Romney’s standard line is to accuse the Obama administration of apologies.  After all Mitt Romney, who curls into a fetal position when confronted by windbags like Rush Limbaugh, is a macho macho man when it comes to foreign policy.  Video below:




So Romney did, what Romney does.  He politicized the tragic death of the diplomat and twisted the chronology of events to fit his mendacious Obama apology tour meme.

Even more despicable is RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, whose contribution to the politicization of the tragedy was this:

Obama sympathizes with attackers in Egypt. Sad and pathetic.
Reince Priebus

The few sane Republicans left on foreign policy keep assuring us that Romney is only playing to the galleries.  But so far his foreign policy pronouncements have needlessly antagonized Russia, promised a trade war with China, seem to back Netanyahu’s attempts for a shooting war with Iran, and presumably pour oil on fires when Americans in the middle east are at risk.  When it comes to Afghanistan, he has every position (video below):



It is scary that Republicans evidently believe that parking yourself in a French chateau as a missionary to gain an exemption from the Vietnam War draft (after marching is support of the war in college) and a business career overcome a serious deficiency of foreign policy gravitas.

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