Posted on 16-10-2012
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Mitt Romney’s tax plan is widely known to be a joke. His foreign policy is worse. Now the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler has demonstrated his job plan is malarkey too.

We asked the Romney campaign and the answer turns out to be: totally different studies … with completely different timelines.

For instance, the claim that 7 million jobs would be created from Romney tax plan is a ten-year number, derived from a study written by John W. Diamond, a professor at Rice University.

This study at least assesses the claimed effect of specific Romney policies. The rest of the numbers are even more squishy.

For instance, the 3-million-job claim for Romney’s energy policies appears largely based on a Citigroup Global Markets study that did not even evaluate Romney’s policies. Instead, the report predicted 2.7 million to 3.6 million jobs would be created over the next eight years, largely because of trends and policies already adopted – including tougher fuel efficiency standards that Romney has criticized and suggested he would reverse.

The 2-million-jobs from cracking down on China is also very suspicious.

There you have it. The man of business is rapidly being exposed as an empty suit devoid of any meaningful policies or core principles and running on shameless mendacity.

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