Posted on 23-10-2012
Filed Under (Politics) by Rashtrakut

Moderate Mitt resurfaced for yesterday night’s debate. In a shamelessly cynical performance that has been the hallmark of his campaign, Mitt Romney jettisoned six years of foreign policy proposals. The belligerent blowhard embracing the idea of war with Iran morphed into the prince of peace. The man who accused Obama’s foreign policy of falling apart meekly agreed with the president’s policies. The man who along with his party trashes the UN and international courts called for a indictment of Iranian President Ahmadenijad for inciting genocide by these bodies – ignoring of course who holds the real power in Iran. Ultimately he displayed a Cliff’s Notes understanding of foreign policy and seemed more concerned with seeming “Presidential” than showing any substance behind the empty suit.

The President was better prepared for this attack of Romneysia and pummeled a shockingly passive Romney. We will know soon enough if this was enough to prevent the election of a truly cynical prevaricator.

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