Posted on 07-11-2012
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Watching Faux News yesterday night was a delightful exercise in schadenfreude.  One of the highlights of comedy hour came after Ohio was called for Barack Obama, sealing his re-election.  Karl Rove who has spent a lot of money of some likely irritated plutocrats along with the Romney campaign disputed the call – even though it was clear to this amateur poll watcher that large swathes of Democratic counties still had to send in their results.  The whole fiasco delayed Mitt Romney’s concession for about an hour.

Rove was right in bringing up memories of 2000, but this did not appear to fit that scenario.  Of course Rove’s math has been known to be wrong – notably in 2006 where he confidently noted that he had numbers assuring a Republican win.  For those who missed it, the video of yesterday’s exchange is below.

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