Posted on 02-06-2013
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This blog has railed against the crude religious stereotyping that Faux News and certain Republican politicians have engaged in this country since 9/11.  The problem with that bile is that they liberally apply it to every single Muslim in this country, even though American Muslims are generally well integrated (though losers like the Tsarnaevs do exist) into this country – inspite of the efforts by Islamists and nativist xenophobes to change that.

It has been a different story in Europe.  Europe is not an immigrant society and historically has not gone out of its way to assimilate immigrants.  Immigrants in Europe complain of open discrimination in housing and employment that essentially forces them into ghettos and unemployment.  But it is increasingly clear that the blame cannot be solely on the host country.

If a country accepting immigrants has an obligation to alleviate discrimination and help integrate immigrants into society, immigrants have an obligation too.  This cautionary tale from Antwerp shows how hard it can be for liberal societies to protect their liberal values and the rights of less liberal minorities. You cannot expect to move abroad and expect that your hosts will start living life as you want it to be in some idealized dream of your home country.  Immigrants also have an obligation to respect the law of the nation they move to.

The United Kingdom has long been a breeding ground for Islamic extremism stemming from the latter two points.  For the last 30 years and more it has welcomed Muslim immigrants from Pakistan who stubbornly refuse to integrate.  Worse time and again many of these jihadist preachers demand that Britain adopt sharia law to satisfy them.  The caricatures that Faux News and the Pamela Gellers rely on are very evident there.

The video below from a young British woman who visited her hometown on hearing it had become a hotbed for Islamic radicalism is really something.

A brave British woman shows why Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka is right when he calls England a ‘cesspit’ breeding Islamists from Tarek Fatah on Vimeo.

At about 3:19 in the video is a truly amazing exchange.  The jihadist rally protested the temerity of the British police in arresting a Muslim woman.  So the woman raises the obvious point that nobody should be above the law.  Pat comes this amazing response:

If the law of the land is Islamic, we will respect the law of the land….If [the law] is not Islamic, then those that make it can go to hell.

Now it is not clear the speaker is an immigrant, but immigrants who believe this need their ass shipped out so they can rot in their old country.

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