Posted on 20-08-2013
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Back in 2009 Senator Jim DeMint encouraged opposition to the passage of Obamacare by stating its defeat would be “Obama’s Waterloo.”  The bill passed and was upheld by the Supreme Court.   Obama was reelected.

Now out of the Senate and heading the Heritage Foundation into hackish irrelevance DeMint has been urging the pointless attempts to defund Obamacare by holding the economy hostage.

A couple of weeks back Heritage pushed a poll purportedly showing wide support to repealing Obamacare that was so bad that even partisan hacks like Jennifer Rubin mocked it.  Today DeMint suggested that Obama would plausibly sign a bill defunding his greatest domestic policy victory.

The belief in the utter stupidity of his supporters that this would happen is breathtakingly cynical.  Maybe he is counting on the geniuses who wanted to “keep government out of their Medicare” to fall for this fund raising con job.  It is a sad commentary on the degeneration of the intellectual right.

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