Posted on 20-08-2013
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The birther rage against Barack Obama was stupid.  Even more so because even if Obama was born in Kenya, he was still a natural born citizen automatically acquiring citizenship thru his American mother.

Now comes along the demagogic wannabe McCarthy Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas).  It has been common knowledge that Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother.  Cruz confirmed that yesterday by releasing his Canadian birth certificate. 

Of course this also means Cruz was a Canadian citizen at birth and since he never took the requisite steps to abandon said Citizenship is still a dual citizen.  After denying the obvious Cruz grudgingly said he would take the steps to surrender Canadian citizenship.

Gets even better.  Thru his Cuban father Cruz may also be a natural born citizen of Cuba.  Such a provision likely ensnares the American born Senator Marco Rubio too. 

Birthers let your heads explode.

Note: Cuba does not have dual citizenship so the natural born citizenship clause probably does not apply….but the humor is too good to pass up….particularly given the asshole involved.

Seems appropriate to note the (briefly) Swiss Frau who ran for president last year.

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