Posted on 26-09-2013
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They are baack.  With the debt ceiling hike due in a matter of weeks, the Republican caucus is not firmly in the sway of the most batshit crazy component of their base.  With Obamacare exchanges going to go online next week, they have been desperately trying to defund the law.  Of course, other than high risk pools (which are chronically underfunded and have proved meaningless so far) and (you guessed) tax cuts it the Republicans have not yet delivered any meaningful healthcare plan.

Now with the Obamacare strategy in tatters, the weeping orange sitting in the Speaker’s chair has capitulated to his base to prepare a ransom note in exchange for not destroying the economy.  Steve Benen diagrams just how insane it is:

Basically the Republicans want President Obama to implement the economic plan of Mitt Romney, the man he beat handily last November in an election that saw the Democrats hold on to the Senate and win the popular vote in elections to the House of Representatives.

This of course is in the backdrop of a reality where the deficit has significantly dropped and where the country needs to get unemployment lower instead of triggering another recession.

The biggest mistake President Obama made was negotiating with these fanatics in 2011 to begin with.  Back then he was delusionally pursuing his asinine grand bargain with a party whose idea of compromise is for the other party to capitulate.

Alex Seitz-Wald on twitter came up with the ideal Democratic counter-proposal for this lunacy.  See below:

Of course if the Democrats do this they would be rightly pilloried as insane.  Yet establishment hacks like Candy Crowley still wonder why the Democrats will not negotiate with terrorists.

The debt ceiling does not increase spending.  It is a mechanism to pay for bills already incurred.  If push comes to shove, I hope the President declares that the 14th amendment gives him the authority to prevent a default of the national debt or just mints a trillion dollar platinum coin giving these wingnuts the middle finger.  The Republican party is playing Russian Roulette with the economy.  When will they finally be held accountable for their reckless insanity?

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