Posted on 05-03-2014
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The Republican party was often tagged as the party of the rich.  The last few years they have barely concealed their contempt for the poor.  The poor in this world view are the “takers”… leeches who live off the bounty graciously provided by the 1%.  Poverty is always due to some inherent character failing… rather than due to unfortunate circumstances.

Such a world view sees no need for a social safety net and any such net must be eviscerated to give tax breaks to the worthy.  It does not matter if you once benefited from the safety net… A dynamic that surfaced last week in Arkansas where a Republican state legislator alive today because of Medicaid was opposed to expanding Medicaid under Obamacare to cover the mooches (he of course was not one).

Alleged policy wonk Paul Ryan resurfaced this week with a policy paper claiming the war on poverty was a failure… though in typical fraudulent fashion the studies he cited did not support his assertions. 

Jon Stewart lit into some of the babblers on Faux News and their ilk for the nonsense they spouted on food stamps.  Video below:

Yes there is some fraud in any entitlement or social service program and it must be stopped.  But the contempt these people have for the poor and disadvantaged is truly despicable.

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