Posted on 21-05-2014
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Rousseau’s Confessions refers to a “great princess” who when told that the peasants had no bread responded: “Let them eat brioche.”  The contempt for the modern iteration of the Republican party for the poor is ill concealed – from their last Presidential standard bearer tagging 47% of the country as moochers to Congressmen waxing nostalgically of property requirements to vote.

The brazen cynicism seems to know no limits.  The last few years Congressional Republicans have tried hard to cut food assistance to the poorest Americans.  Yesterday Talking Points Memo flagged a recent House Republican Bill that pared back a modest food assistance bill to exclude urban areas and limit it to rural areas only.  Rural areas of course tend to vote Republican.

Meanwhile in New Jersey alleged fiscal Chris Christie, having blown up his state budget to fund tax cuts for the rich is now trying to pay for the shortfall by raiding public employee pension funds thereby jeopardizing his own plan to fix public pensions.  Christie is not the only Republican governor seduced by the tax cut fairy to believe that tax cuts magically boost growth enough to make up for revenue shortfalls (which has not happened under Reagan or Bush or anywhere else since).

Kansas, home of the oligarchs Koch, adopted their tax cut wet dreams.  The result has been a state starved of revenue that lags the national growth rate whose schools and public services are being slashed.

Then there are all the Republican governors who will cut off the nose of their poor to spite their face.  Obamacare derangement syndrome means that their states are rejecting federal money that for now covers 100% of expenses to expand Medicaid.  Instead of following the Arizona model where the state accepts the funds only so long as the federal government pays for it, they would rather have their poor clog medical emergency rooms instead of getting health care.

They truly have no shame.

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